Best Ways to Organize Photos Storage

Best Ways to Organize Photos Storage
Best Ways to Organize Photos Storage

You might have hundreds of photos that blocking the space on your phone and your phone is knocking again and again to clear the space. In this situation, you get confused and not able to understand what you should do? Let me tell you one thing, don’t get panic and don’t take any step in hurry, otherwise, you may lose the beautiful memories that you’ve captured with your family, friends, and etc.

This situation is absolutely normal and every second person once in a while has to face it, so it’s good to be prepared for it. In this article, we would explain the best ways to organize photos storage that will help you to organize your photos so that you won’t need to delete your photos and your phone will not run out of space at least not due to photos.

Best Ways to Organize Photos Storage

Find out the 5 best ways to organize your photos storage whether you’re using an Android or iOS device. Watch out!

  • Give Name to Your Photos
  • Make Folder and Files
  • Delete Unnecessary or Duplicate Photos
  • Use Favorites
  • Store Your Data at Cloud

Give Name to Your Photos

The very first thing you always should do is naming your photos. Naming your photos does not help in finding the photos when there is hundreds of photos and you’re looking for the 1-year-old photos.  However, it’s not easy to give a unique name to every single photo we take, because there are just too many. But what you can do here is, give all of the photos from a particular date or even the same name and sequence them with a number after each photo. You can do this when exporting from Lightroom very easily.

As we also told you that naming photos will help in finding any particular photos, so and so, it will also help you while clearing the space. We will discuss it in our third way in detail.

Make Folder and Subfolder

Whether you’re using a phone and computer, you can use a Folder to separate your photos. It’s really important to categorize your images as per your wants, because this will help you to organize photos storage.  Folder and subfolder will help you in separating out photos as per events, trips, and projects, and in such a way you’ll be able to find a particular one that comes to mind.

Folder and Subfolder are good places to store your photos and this can be the best way to organize the photos. It will also help in next method. You can create a folder according to the events, trips, friends, projects, and also on the basis of year, month, and date as well. It’s quite like creating office data, but trust is like you create office in a systematic manner so that you can find your data anytime easily, it’s just like that.

Delete Unnecessary or Duplicate Photos

Sometimes you click a number of photos in order to get the best short. And after that, you store all that copies besides the best ones. But you don’t know that these multiple copies or duplicates are covering half of the total space. That’s why it is recommended you to delete the duplicate photos from your phone storage. However, sometimes due to action by you can also be the reason for the duplication on your device. Whether the reason is anything, make sure you delete the duplicate photos.

Apart from it, there is another thing that unnecessarily covering up your space and making everything difficult for you. Unnecessary screenshots (SS), snaps, good morning images, and other types of images and videos are also be the reason for organized photo storage.  Make sure you select all the unnecessary screenshots, photos and delete them quickly.

Use Favorites

Most devices’ camera rolls and galleries will give you the option to select Favorite images. For example, Google uses Stars to indicate favorite pictures. When you select the photo as your favorite,  your photos will be highlighted with a heart. It’s a super easy, quick way to mark images that stand out to you and sent them to a dedicated group of other important images.

But, the problem arises here when you start categorizing your most of the images as favorites. Because when you do so, you’ll have to face the same problem we’ve discussed above.  We recommend you to use Favorites only for the very most significant or often-needed images in your collection. Moreover, you should use Favorites to set aside images for specific projects and empty it out after each project is completed. Favorites features is a special type of keyword or label and you should use it for the special one always.

Store Your Data at Cloud

If you’ve applied all the above ways to organize your photos storage but still you’re phone storage is running out of space and you cannot delete more images. We recommend you to use Capebera cloud service.  Capebera is an online cloud storage service that will help you to store your photos and you can also share them with anyone.

Capebera is reliable and secure. Once you create your Capebera account, you will get 5GB of free storage to store your images. Additionally, you can also store other stuff as well like videos, files, spreadsheets that also cover up your phone space. The best part, you can organize your photos, images, videos, and etc. as you want.  So, just send your files to Capebera and free up your phone space.


Hey guys! This was the guide about “best ways to organize photos storage.”  It’s good when you care about your memories but making them bulk is not good. Organize Photos helps you in many ways, you will learn this in this article. There is a lot to know about organizing your photos in this article.

Hope you find this article helpful and informative.  Please let us know if you want more stuff on the same topic. We would be glad to answer you!

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