Can Deleted Files Be Recovered?

Can deleted files be recovered

What do you think, can deleted files be recovered? Who knew decades ago that one day such a time will come when not all, but few mistakes can be rectified? Today, technology is at the edge of success and making things easy for humans. And that’s how technology makes data recovery possible.  And that’s how technology makes data recovery possible.

Data recovery was a great success for the current generation, as everything has now depended on technology and each work is handled by technology whether it is IT services, or any other firm, technology is everywhere.  

Still, now is the time when people ask or comment us that can deleted files be recovered? And we say to them yes it is possible. You can restore the data you’ve deleted mistakenly or lost data due to any other issue, everything you can recover now. Whether you’re an android user or iOS, you can recover the old chats, text messages, contacts, favorite music list, videos, emails, and etc.  You can recover different types of data even from the different sources like from SD card, hard drive, pen drive, SSD and etc. 

Data recovery is possible but it also needs your effort. I will tell you how user, actually today market is full of fake data recovery software that pretending to be legitimate and genuine. But, once you download them they wouldn’t get you back even a 2KB data.  When you scan your device using the fake data recovery software, it will recover some strange data that is nowhere related to your device or data you wish to recover. In addition, some data recovery software is more worst. 

Most fake data recovery software is free to use and the user who is looking for free benefits becomes the victim of this net. But, it’s not always true because sometimes paid versions also behave like that. And these free scams affect genuine software legitimacy and reliability. Some of the major and reputed companies offer free trials so that users can get an idea about how the software works and if they find it helpful, users can purchase the paid version. 

So, basically, we recommend that user’s data recovery is possible but choosing the correct data recovery software needs the proper knowledge, proper analysis, and comparison. Before you choose any data recovery software, make sure you get the proper knowledge about data recovery software and don’t forget to compare them, and a proper analysis of the particular software is also a must.

What Happens When You Delete a File?

When you delete a file on your system, Windows removes the pointer and marks the sections containing the file’s data as available.  You cannot see it on the system as the file is no longer present on your hard drive and the sectors containing its data are considered free space.

The file is still recoverable until Windows actually writes fresh data over the sectors containing the file’s contents. A file recovery tool can search for and restore deleted files on a hard drive. The file recovery tool can only recover a portion of the data if the file has been partially overwritten.

Deleted files do not erase immediately from your system. It may not show you but the still system contain the file. For example, you might know that when you delete a file, it directly sends to Recycle Bin or Trash Folder. The file you delete will be erased from the location you deleted it, but it still covers the space of your system because it is still in the Recycle Bin or Trash Folder.

Additionally, when you delete a large MB file such as 10GB file, which would be near-instantaneous. To actually erase the file’s contents, it may take several minutes.  Windows and other operating systems facilitate better performance by not erasing the file as quickly as you delete it. If you want to erase a file’s contents when it’s deleted, you should use a “file shredding” tool.

How Deleted Files can be Recovered?

As you know now that data recovery is possible, but how? Here, we will tell you few things through which you can recover your data. Note sometimes data recovery may depend on how you lost the data. For example, if you accidentally deleted a file, then you can recover your file easily from the Recycle Bin or Trash Folder. So, this is how you can get an idea about the requirement of the right tool or strategy to make your data recovery possible.

Let’s get into a few tools and strategies that will make possible deleted files recovery.

Recycle Bin

First of all, make sure to check your Recycle Bin. In most cases, where data is accidentally deleted, Recycle Bin is one of the easiest troubleshoot.  Recycle bin stores all your deleted files and folders till then you do not delete the data from the Recycle Bin itself.  Make sure once you delete the data from the recycle bin, it won’t be recovered at any cost.

Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is also a very good option to adopt for individuals and organizations as well. As we always tell the cloud is completely separate from your computer system so whether the case is a computer crash, hard drive crash, or OS hacked anything, your data won’t be disturb.  However, as the cloud is an online backup, so there is also a devil that can harm your data, and we cannot neglect them. Therefore, you should choose the secure and reliable cloud storage serviced.

In that case, we recommend you to use Capebera ebsite to store your data as its 100% reliable and secure. Additionally, Capebera-cloud storage platform gives you free 5GB storage and if you need more storage, you can upgrade it.  Capebera paid version is 50% cheaper than the other options.  Its paid version is quite nice and offers a variety of services such as password encrypted file sharing, create a workspace and especially you can organize your data and discover it without any hassle.

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Data Recovery Software

Data recovery software is also in a trend that many companies are using permanent data recovery software for security. This can be your last choice, when nothing will work out, you can choose to go for data recovery software. You can use RescueData recovery software that facilitates all types of data recovery.  It is available for 30 days free trial and if you find it helpful, you can go for the paid version, where you will get more demanding features and services. You only need to download the software and perform a 3-step data recovery.

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Hey guys! This was the guide about “Can deleted files be recovered.”  And user yes it is possible, in this article you will learn how can deleted files be recovered?  Additionally, find out tools and strategies that will help you to make data recovery possible.

Hope you find this article helpful and informative. If you still have any queries regarding this article, please let us know in the comment section. We would be glad to answer you!

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