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File Sharing Service is majorly used by organizations or businesses to share sensitive and confidential information in the team or organization. They share business information with consumers and staff all across the world as part of the globalization process. A company can share digital data in a variety of ways. We’ll discover what file sharing is, how to utilize it, and a list of the top seven file-sharing services in this post.

What is File Sharing?

File sharing is the act of sharing one or more computers or any file over a network with someone in the same house, with colleagues at work, or with your friends all over the world.  With file-sharing, you can share any kind of data for work or entertainment including text, images, music, and videos.  File-sharing services store your files on the cloud, so you can access them from anywhere and from any device.

Make sure file sharing isn’t the same as network sharing.  To share a file is to send it to another device such as a computer or phone. Network sharing shares a network connection so that nearby devices can access network resources. Additionally, when you share a file through a network, you can set the permission on who can access it

What is File Sharing Service?

File Sharing Service is an online way to share a file with someone.  With File Sharing Service, you will also get other benefits as well.  An online file sharing service also offers to store and access your information such as documents, data, photos, music, videos, and etc. in the cloud rather than storing the information locally on the system.

Online file sharing service is the best way to access your information from anywhere.  Your data would be managed by the service provider and companies do not have to support and maintain the data themselves.  The information stored in an online file sharing service can be access from any device whenever the device is in the Wi-Fi Zone.

Free Vs. Paid File Sharing Services

Many file sharing services offer free services but it comes with some limitations, such as the amount of storage or a size limit on files you can upload. We prefer services that provide some amount of free service (even if it’s only 2GB), rather than a time-limited trial because this allows you to completely incorporate service into your life for several weeks while learning how it works and what might go wrong with your specific setup.

You will choose Free or Paid File Sharing Service it depends on your needs. If you’re running a business and need to share confidential information with someone, then you definitely won’t take a chance and choose the paid version for any File Sharing platform you would like to use and vice-versa.

File Sharing Service List

When it comes to business, there are distinct needs that must be met, regardless of the size of the company. These include everything from price to team cooperation, and not all of them are available in every service. Although these services are not identical, they can be utilized in comparable ways.


Sync for business is best if you’ve already synced with OneDrive.  If you’ve used OneDrive before, then you easily get synced.  The app integrates with the device easily and shows itself as a folder on your system. The files can be saved to the Cloud and shared easily with both co-workers and clients alike.


You can share the link for the file and your counterpart doesn’t need a Sync account to access it. Individual users get the short end of the stick with accounts at $8 per month but Sync really is designed for a business in mind.

Companies can take advantage of lower cost-per-user options that include administrative administration capabilities that allow you to manage all of your accounts from a single location. Users can be added and removed, passwords can be reset, and activity logs can be checked, and so on.

Plan:  Pricing: From $8 per month

Sync Pros & Cons


  • Data protected by enterprise grade infrastructure
  • Fully compatible with Microsoft Office
  • Restrict downloads on shared files (view only)
  • 365-day file recovery


  • Live chat support only on Enterprise plans


pCloud service for business adds functionality to the usual cloud-based file sharing allowing users to easily anoint files and folders with comments. Your all activity is monitored and logged so that administrator can review it at any time.

pCloud service

pCloud is more generous in the storage space offers and you can also opt to pay in two different modes.  The first is how most Cloud storage operates: monthly charges. The interesting element is that you can pay a one-time lifetime price instead.

Plan:  $3.99/mo – $350 one-time payment for life

pCloud Pros & Cons


  • White label file sharing system
  • Generous storage space
  • Lifetime plans available


  • Limited 30-day file history/recovery
  • Few extra features


OneDrive is Microsoft’s free cloud storage service for business.  OneDrive’s free plan gives you 5GB of free storage space. OneDrive is great for the point of security, ease of use, and quick file sharing. OneDrive for Business allows you to save and work on documents and other files in the cloud, no matter where you are. It also allows for critical business functions such as sharing and collaboration, all of which are protected by encryption that meets the security requirements of most businesses.


Additionally, Office 365 subscribers get 1TB of storage included with their subscription. You may also embed Microsoft Office documents like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint into web pages and allow users to interact with them.

Plan:  Starts from $5 per month

OneDrive Pros & Cons


  • Microsoft ecosystem integration
  • Relatively cheap


  • May not integrate well with non-Microsoft products

Google Drive

Google Drive comes first on the list because of its 15 storage limit. Google Drive fits right in with that ecosystem and it can be used for more than simply file storage; it can also be used for teamwork and collaboration. It sweetens the bargain even further by providing online capabilities that let you work with all of those files from any browser with an Internet connection – or even offline.

Google Drive

Plan: Starts From $5.40 / user / month

Google Drive Pros & Cons


  • Mobile, Web and Windows Compatibility
  • 15 GB Storage
  • Team work collaboration


  • May be too highly Google-centric

Bonus Tip:


Capebera isn’t a file-sharing website actually, it’s more than that.  Let me tell you how, Capebera is a free unlimited storage platform, where you can drag and drop your files easily in the cloud and can access them from anywhere.  Additionally, you can share those files with password encryption. So that no one, except whom you tell the password, can access your files. File sharing via the link will be encrypted with a password, and when a user tries to open the file, the user has to enter the password to access the files.


As Capebera is more than storage service, you can create the separate workspace for business and organize the works.  Add team members, share the document and communicate easily your work. Moreover, with the help of shared links, users can download the files, edit them on their own.  You can schedule the timing for the expiration of the link.  Let me tell you, these all features are available for free, which means a completely free package. Compare to other services, you won’t get these all features and services in one tool for free.

Plan: Free

Note: Capbera app available for android users now.

Capebera Pros & Cons


  • Mobile and Web Compatibility
  • Free Access
  • Password Encryption


No Cons



Hey guys! This was the guide about “File Sharing Service.” If you don’t know what file sharing service is, this guide would definitely help you to understand it.  Online file sharing service offers more than a file sharing service. As a result, you can securely share the files with anyone.  There are many file-sharing services to choose from.  In this guide, we’ve explored the list of best file-sharing services.

Hope you find this article helpful and informative.  Please let us know in the comment section if you’ve any queries regarding this article. We would glad to answer.

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