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Do you need to share an important file?  File-sharing websites can be the best option. It is secure, easy to use, and does not compress the file quality while sharing.  These file-sharing websites share cloud-based files, which means, whenever you share any file it directly store in the cloud and you can access it. However, you first need to store your files on these websites, and then only you can share it. So basically, it is already saved in the cloud.

There are various file-sharing websites available on the internet free and paid for both. Let’s take a look at some of the major free files sharing sites and how they stack up against one another.

What is File Sharing?

File sharing is the act of sharing one or more computers or any file over a network with someone in the same house, with colleagues at work, or with your friends all over the world.  These file-sharing websites stores your files on the cloud, so you can access them from anywhere and from any device.

Make sure file sharing isn’t the same as network sharing.  To share a file is to send it to another device such as a computer or phone. Network sharing shares a network connection so that nearby devices can access network resources.

Types of File Sharing

You can share files over a network in two ways, between two computers or between a computer and a server.  When the files get shared on the device and a server, the machine directly uploads the files to a storage area on the server where you can share them with others. If users want, they can also download the file from that server. Sharing files between two computers over a network is often called peer-to-peer file sharing.

How to Share Files

File sharing is quite easy and similar but it may differ between tools and websites. However, both are easy to access and sharing.  The easiest way is to drag and drop files in the system and generate a URL for that file and have the recipient visit the link. Your browser established a connection with their browser and the file is sent directly.  Both browsers must remain open during the full transfer.  Some websites also offer encrypted file sharing option. 

FTP is one example, which entails installing an FTP server on the computer containing the files to be shared. Anyone who wants the files must use an FTP client to connect to the server and download them.

Top 6 File Sharing Websites

Below is the list of the top 6 free file-sharing websites. These all are cloud-based file-sharing websites. Using a Cloud-based file sharing website additional advantage is that you can easily access your files, modify them, and share files from any location.  It also aids in the recovery of lost files. These services help people work together better. Large files can be simply shared.

Top 6 File Sharing Websites

  • Capebera
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • FileShare
  • WeTransfer
  • iCloud

1. Capebera

Capebera isn’t a file-sharing website actually, it’s more than that.  Let me tell you how, Capebera is a free unlimited storage platform, where you can drag and drop your files easily in the cloud and can access them from anywhere.  Additionally, you can share those files with password encryption. So that no one, except whom you tell the password, can access your files. File sharing via the link will be encrypted with a password, and when a user tries to open the download, the user has to enter the password to access the files.

Visit: Capebera


2. Google Drive

Does anyone know Google Drive? Laughing, what a silly question, isn’t’?  Everyone knows about Google Drive.  Still, I would tell you for my duty, Google Drive is Google’s cloud storage service where you can store your documents, files, audios, videos-basically anything.  And you can share all these things quite easily on the Google Drive web.

Google Drive

As a cloud-based service, you can access your files stored in Google Drive from anywhere and from any device, as long as you know the login details!  You can also access it from your Google Drive app.  With this, you can also download the information, data, files, pictures, videos, and many more.    The straightforward, simple, and user-friendly design of Google Drive makes it simple for the typical user to jump on board and save and share material with peers.

Note: Google Drive’s maximum free storage limit is 15GB. For more storage, you can upgrade it anytime.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox has become one of the most using website or application for file sharing.  Dropbox offers cloud storage to keep all your files in one place. It also offers desktop clients and mobile apps to keep all your files in sync and within reach.


Dropbox is a cloud storage workhorse because it integrates with over 100,000 third-party apps. However, the free account comes with only 2GB of storage, which is significantly less than what Google Drive or other services offer.

4. FileShare

FileShare refers to CritixFile ShareFile. It’s a new file storage service by digital workspace giant Critix. Critix File storage and sharing are especially aimed at enterprise companies wanting to share large files in the safest and secure way possible.


ShareFile is best for corporate world to store and share highly sensitive data and proprietary information. However, It’s a paid way to share files.  Starting at $16/month, ShareFile provides excellent security, password protection, intuitive interface, and easy integration with third-party storage services such as Google Drive, SharePoint, Box, and Dropbox making it one of the best MFT tools on this list.

5. WeTransfer

WeTransfer is also popular among File Sharing Websites. It helps you to send large files in few minutes all over the world.  Just visit the site, select files you wish to share, and enter the email of the person you want to send the files to. It’s quite simple.

File Sharing Websites

WeTransfer free version offers 2GB of file sharing without any storage.  But, its paid plan has excellent features that completely equal to the price.  You can send and receive up to 20GB of files with password protection and storage benefits.  WeTransfer price starts at $12/month.

6. iCloud

iCloud offers free cloud storage and cloud computing. With iCloud, you can store every document, photo, and music. All your data will be stored on remote servers and you can anytime back up your data, in case you deleted or lost your data by mistake. 


With iCloud, you can share your files easily on the network and download them too in your gallery.  On an iOS device, you can sign in to iCloud using your Apple ID and once your account is created, turn on the backup file and your data automatically start backing up. The iCloud offers free storage of 5GB. You can request more storage space for an additional price.


Hey guys! This was the guide about “file-sharing websites.”  If you can’t decide which file-sharing website is best for you, follow this guide for a fruitful reason to choose one of them. This guide is helpful for beginners and all-day users of file-sharing websites. 

Hope this guide would help you to make a decision. Please let us know which website you like the most.

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