How Can I Stand Out In My Photos

How Can I Stand Out In My Photos

Who does not like attention, everyone likes it and but how? You can grab the attention of your friends, families, colleagues, and a lot of others that are connected with your social media account by giving them a unique touch to stand out in others.

In this article, we will suggest to you 7 different ideas to stand in Photos.  Read on if you also have a query “how can I stand out in my photos?”

7 Ideas to Stand Out In My Photos

  1. Right Pose-Right Direction
  2. Don’t Use Distracting Background
  3. Use Flash Outdoors
  4. Get Close to the Subject
  5. Concentrate
  6. Go Opposite
  7. Always be Unique

Right Pose-Right Direction

We say that you should always stand in a good pose and camera should be in the right direction, but actually sometimes the unintentional pose become the best pose. And even you can’t make it again as you can make the other poses. Still, your poses decide the uniqueness of your picture and the right direction of the camera will capture the picture in a very good way and it all helps you to stand out.  So, whenever you’re up to a photo session or doing photography at some famous place, make sure you follow this idea. Trust me, if you have social media followers, they will love it.

Don’t Use Distracting Background

Your photo’s background also plays a major role in stand out your picture. And when you use a plain background, the picture will emphasize your subject and give you a much better result. In the contrast, a noisy and distracting background will draw the eye away from the subject and make the whole picture look messy and amateurish. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid using a distracting background or make your background fit as per your photo shoot.

Use Flash Outdoors

If you’re doing photo-shoot outside or on sunny days where the sun created hard shadows and you get high contrast pictures where either your shadows burn out or your highlights get overexposed.  To avoid this, we recommend you use Flash. Make sure that your subject is within the range of the flash, it will work as fill lighting, lifting the shadows and giving a more balanced picture.

Get Close to the Subject

This idea may work beyond the good or worst too. Getting to much closer to the subject or using the zoom to highlight the subject will often give you an impact result.  If you do so, it will eliminate all the background distractions and display the subject from a different perspective than what we’re used to.


Concentrations are needed while shooting. Your camera decides the quality and balance of photo. You will often get the pictures you want just pointing your camera at the subject and hitting the shutter button, but thanks to the advanced auto focus feature found in newer cameras. But, this feature is just to point out the exact subject and it’s not always perfect. Your camera might be focusing someplace different where you wanted the focus to be,  you missed the moment you wish to capture when your camera was auto-focusing.  So, these all are the barriers that also exist with advantages.

Go Opposite

Another good way to stand out with your photos is to go opposite.  For example, whatever is going around you, you should do just the opposite of that.  Let me tell you how? If everyone doing color photography, you’d shoot black and white, or if everyone else is doing the epic multi-layered photos, short simple single-subject photos, or if everyone using a filter, click no-filter photo.

Note: Make sure guys this idea may not work every time.

Always be Unique

Your audience expects always something unique for them and that’s how you stand out in your photos. So, every time you click photos, try to be unique. Whether it is about color, pose, or something else, try to be unique each and every manner. When you do something creative and unique, your audience will love it.

Who cares about your photos?

What do you think guys, who cares about your photos? Actually, nobody cares about your photos.   Everyone just cares about their own photos. And also, now photography isn’t as valuable today as it was in the past. People used to pay photographers a high amount of money for photo-shoot. However, iPhone users can take a great photo with the camera.

Guys, we just recommend you do not let other judge you. So do not give a shit what others think about your photos because it’s your photo and you must like it, not others. If you’re happy with your photo-shoot, trust me you are already standing out in your photos.

Don’t lose your precious photos?

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Hey guys! This was the guide about “how can I stand out in my photos.” Here, you can find the top 7 ideas to stand out in your photos. If you’re also willing to try the ideas into your photo shoot, then this guide is for you.

Hope you find this article and informative.  If you’ve any query regarding this article, please let us know in the comment section. We would be glad to answer you!

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