How to optimize iPhone Storage

How to optimize iPhone Storage

What to do if you’re out of storage on your iPhone? Let me tell you the best hack to clear storage on your iPhone. First of all, determined which stuff is taking more space on your iPhone. Well, I know it will likely your photos that taking up more storage.

Most of the time photo takes up more storage on your iPhone, and therefore it is recommended to make always your first attempt on your iPhone’s gallery. Your Gallery covers the high amount of storage on your device because whenever you click any photos from iPhone high megapixel, your photo is saved in a gallery in high resolution. And high-resolution image cover up the high storage and then your iPhone storage get compromised. Fortunately, iPhone provides the tool to optimize photo storage.

Additionally, there are various ways to clear iPhone storage. In this article, we will discuss how to optimize iPhone storage so that you won’t clutter your storage box with unnecessary stuff. Read on.

Tips to Optimize iPhone Storage

Watch out the 7 ways to optimize iPhone storage?

  1. Delete Unnecessary Message
  2. Delete Unnecessary Applications on your iPhone
  3. Use iPhone Optimized Feature to Clear Storage
  4. Check which apps are using the most storage space on your phone
  5. Turn of Photo Stream
  6. Take advantage of iCloud service
  7. Upload Photos to Cloud Service

Delete Unnecessary Message

You have the bulk of messages in your iPhone that unnecessarily eating the storage of your iPhone. These messages include fake messages, caller tunes messages and etc. It also includes your other chat as well such as if you’re using the third-party chatting app, then you should clear your messages space. The best example of this is also WhatsApp chat.

Delete Unnecessary Applications on your iPhone

It is always seen that users keep apps on the device that they aren’t using for a long time, so these types of applications unnecessarily covering up the iPhone storage. In addition, there are also other unnecessary apps that you don’t use or downloaded a long time ago, and then you forget to delete them. In this case, you need to delete apps from your iPhone storage. Don’t hesitate to do so, it is good to delete apps from iPhone storage.

Use iPhone Optimized Feature to Clear Storage

Your photos eat up more storage on your iPhone, and therefore, iPhone comes with the Optimize feature. This iPhone optimizes features automatically to help you to optimize your iCloud space. The iPhone comes with a feature that optimizes your storage by deleting the repeated albums or pictures on your storage. This feature also decreases the high resolution to normal and saved the originals on your phone. 

Check which apps are using the most storage space on your phone

There are various applications on your iPhone and some of them taking up the most storage on your iPhone. We recommend you to check-in iPhone settings which apps are using the most storage space on your phone and if not necessary the app, you should delete the app immediately. In case, the app taking up the most storage is necessary and you can’t delete it, you can skip this solution.

Turn of Photo Stream

I hope you’re aware of Photo Stream on your device. Your Photo Stream allows you to view the pictures you’ve uploaded to your Mac from your iPhone or iPad, and although they aren’t a full resolution, they’re taking up a lot of space. You can delete the Photo Stream from your iPhone settings.

Take advantage of iCloud service

If your iPhone is out of storage and you aren’t able to understand how to optimize it even after applying the above ways, then we recommend you to choose Cloud service. Apple offers an iCloud service that not only secures your data including photos, videos, files, attachments and etc. but it also keeps your data private and stores in one place. Additionally, you can shift your data from your gallery to iCloud and can free up iPhone storage space.

iCloud storage helps you when you don’t want to delete iPhone storage and you can easily optimize your iPhone storage.

Upload Photos to Cloud Service

Cloud service is as same as iCloud on iPhone.  It’s just that iPhone has its own cloud service. In case, if you don’t want to use iCloud service or you’re out of free iCloud storage and looking for a third-party cloud storage device to store photos for free, you can visit  On Capebera you will get 5GB of data for free to store your photos, videos, and a lot more things easily.

Moreover, if you go for the paid version, you will get access to other benefits such as increase storage, password protection file sharing, global access, and a lot more advantage of Capebera cloud service. If you want to optimize iPhone photo storage, then Capebera cloud service would also be the best option.


Hey guys! This was the guide about “how to optimize iPhone photo storage.” If you want to optimize your iPhone storage, then this article would surely help you.  Find the ways to optimize your iPhone storage and make the desired space on your device.

Hope you find this article helpful and informative. If you’ve any queries regarding this article, please let us know in the comment section below. We would be glad to answer you!

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