How to Save Your Memories

Best Way to Save All Your Memories

Life memories and moments are the most expensive things but still, they are not associated with money. I must sure you’ll have a good and bad experience bot but you’re the culmination of the things you’ve done and learned. It all means that it’s crucial to save those memories around so you can enjoy them. But did you ever think but what is the best way to save all your memories, because it’s pretty tough for you to save all your memories in one place forever. Fortunately, we have few ways to save your memories in a better way so that you won’t lose them forever. Let’s have a look.

Memories- Experience/Photos/Videos/Etc.

Actually, there is no certain type of memories, whatever you experience becomes the memory. And this is the most exciting thing you do in your life. Because experience makes you learn everything and then you implement it in a better way to enhance your personality, and your career, and your future. 

Some of the experience is priceless and you just enjoyed them like friend’s party, pool party and get-together and etc. And you mostly saved your memories in your photo or by making videos.  This is where you mostly keep your memories forever.

Your photos and videos are the memories and when you look at those old pictures, videos your memories come back to life.

  1. Capture Your Moment in Photos
  2. Record Your Moment in Videos
  3. Write on Wall- Paint on Wall
  4. Store Memories in Capebera Cloud Storage
  5. Store Your Memories on Social media
  6. Create some vacation jars

Capture Your Moment in Photos

Photos are the best place to keep your memories. Today, wherever you’re, it’s always easy to capture your moment and you never forget to click photos either from your smartphone cameras, or digital cameras. Therefore, the very first way we recommend you to use it to save your memories is by making an album. Save all your memories in your photos and whenever you want to refresh your moment, take the picture out and feel the moment you’ve enjoyed.

Record Your Moment in Videos

Videos are the second way to store moments in a broad way, where you can feel the voice, activity, and it’s completely like a live chat especially when you’re missing the things or people aren’t around to you.  It’s so beautiful to see the recorded old recorded videos such as Marriage Videos, Birthday Videos, and etc. So, recording videos are also the best way to live each and every moment for the part of life.

Write on Wall- Paint on Wall

The two above discussed way is commonly used by everyone, but this way is bit different. There are few people having a creative mind and they try to use their creativity in storing the memories in a creative way. For example, people pained their favorite quotes on their walls, while others have important memories written on dinner plates. Additionally, you can get your kids’ crayon drawing stamped in silver and turned into jewelry. When these things are done well, you’ll have a small stash of loving memories that will double your joy of art and memories.

 Store Memories in Capebera Cloud Storage

One of the best ways to store your memories is cloud storage. In my opinion, Capebera cloud storage is the best solution to save all your memories in one place without compromising the space. You will get 5GB of storage space to store your memories, moment, and a lot of other things. If you go for a paid version, you’ll get lifetime access, which means one-time pay and lifetime access. Visit Now Capebera

Store Your Memories on Social media

Did you ever use social media accounts as your photo gallery? Yes, you’re doing it but you may still not be aware of this. Actually, the thing is, we use social media for having fun, collaborations, making friends, uploading pictures, and a lot more things. You know whenever you upload any photos or videos from any social media account such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and etc, it will appear for always until or unless you delete your account. But, social media account should be handled with a lot of security, because there is a devil as well, who can harm your memories and moments. Use the Facebook security features and save your memories and yourself as well from these creeping worms.

Create some vacation jars

Creating jars to save memories is a very fun idea and also serves as a decorative element. For example, you go camping with your friends. Gather some pine needles, a pine cone, a good photograph, and other tiny forest or camping items, and place them in a jar. You can make a lasting piece of art with a little work and glue that not only helps keep memories alive but also looks great on a shelf.

Is it enough?

No, it’s not. There are lot more things you can do on your own to save your memories. As you have seen, there are various creative and different ways to save your memories and that’s how you can try always something new and different ways to keep your memories alive because it’s never enough.


Hey guys! This was the fun guide on “how to save your memories.” I hope after reading this article, you would get your best way to save your memories or you will create some new idea to keep your memories alive forever. If you’ve already created something unique to save memories, please let us know in the comment section brief of your idea and we will publish your content on our page.

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