Is Cloud backup secure?

Cloud backup is the way of keeping all your data online in the cloud environment. The cloud service provider keeps a check on your data and builds firewalls to protect your resources from any malware or virus attack. 

Now the question pops up that whether the cloud backup is safe or is not safe? We have to understand that viruses can manipulate even your devices. Thus it can discover your activities and passwords, leading to their access over your documents. So it’s advised to use cloud backup to keep your data protected from the cyber threat environment. Cloud backup is securer than the resources stored in your computer.

Cloud storages and backups are widely used due to its convenience of usage that it provides. It helps in saving your storages, offers recovery of your documents even in uncertain problems. Cloud storages are more secure than any other storages as it uses vigorous securities to keep your data save.

Clouds are actually the servers that is not stored in your computer but on the internet. Some examples are Netflix, Amazon, and Google.

How secure is my data on the cloud?

The data that you keep up with the cloud is rated more than the local storages. It offers benefits of anywhere accessibility, no storage problems, prevention of threats.

  • The storage offered by the cloud provider on the cloud environment are encrypted.
  • The providers keep a continuous check on the digital world and always comes up with the best latest security updates for prevention of criminal attacks. It often happens when there is a pop up for updates in your computer, even you usually ignore them, leading to the exposure of new attacks.
  • New AI technologies are used by the providers to discover any problem in the security measures.
  • Your valuables are secured by using firewalls. It assigns various rules to the traffic who wants to view your files. It helps in advance detecting of any issues that may emerge. Thus it makes the cyber criminals to cry for your documents as they fail to hacked.
  • Your backups are again backed up by the service providers. They store them with the various data keeping centers. This is a safety process that helps in the recovery of your files even in the most absurd circumstances.
  • Testing the security is equally important hence the provider ties up with other companies to test the security of the cloud server.

Suggestion for the users to increase the security of their cloud.

If you have already made your mind to keep your data safe in the cloud then you are quiet intelligent. Let’s make your intelligence peek up with few suggestions that can make your data securer.

  • Encrypted resources: your digital data at the cloud storage is precious and need good protection to beat any cyber threats. A good way is to encrypt all your documents, pictures, files, videos etc. to make it extreme difficult for the hackers to hack it. Ask your providers to offer encryption for keeping everything that you store well secured. One such software application is Waredot’s Capebera cloud storage.
  • Keep data backups on other places too: it is important to keep a backup or a copy of your resource at some other place other than the cloud for security purpose. But mostly service providers uses extreme securities to keep your resources safe.
  • Two factor authentication: this act as a double support for your resources. This allows you to login using the username and password along with a requirement of code that is send by the provider to your chat or email. This is a very nice way of keeping your data more protected.

Capebera cloud backup & storage

Capebera is an awesome cloud storage that keeps the data encrypted and secured. It offers password protected sharing and easy downloads. It uses the most updated technologies like AI & HIPS for determining any threats before-hand. It is a very good and reliable storage for the user.

Use it now! Secure it now!

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