Is Cloud Storage Safe?

Is Cloud Storage Safe

Since always data storage has been a sensitive task. Your data is a valuable asset that you don’t want to lose or share with an unknown person or the wrong hands.

Today, people are most frequently saving their files in the cloud, storage space not located in their computers or devices but on servers hosted by third-party providers. Cloud savings is quite reliable and easy to access as well. There are huge benefits of the cloud but depends on the service too.

Additionally, you might have concerns about cloud computing, including data protection, security threats, and potential data loss. You might worry that all those videos, photos, and reports might be vulnerable to data breaches and hackers who could break into your cloud provider’s servers.

However, before the end-to-end analysis, you cannot say about cloud security. In this article, we will study about cloud and its security.

Cloud security

With Cloud security, people are concerned about their data. There is a great deal of uncertainty revolving around the idea of cloud security which is proving to be a significant barrier to adoption. To a certain extent, this paranoia is understandable. The prospect of keeping sensitive business data on servers and networks over which you have no control is frightening. Understanding these issues, cloud providers are always working to develop a variety of security alternatives that ensure data is encrypted and securely kept.

There are various cloud computing services available. And today cloud security has become a matter of concern. This problem has become more complex as no two clouds are the same or serve the same purpose. Depending on their need, enterprises can choose from different types of cloud computing services like IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Every type of cloud computing platform presents its unique set of challenges and security concerns.

Cloud Encrypt and Store Data Safely

Many cloud storage service providers share a collective responsibility to ensure that your data is encrypted and safely stored. Cloud service providers ensure protection to the data they process, but different methods such as authentication, access control, and encryption. To ensure further protection, many enterprises strength these protections with additional security measures. These security measures help in strengthening cloud data protection and in ensuring the right access to sensitive information in the cloud.

Cloud storage risks

Today, cybercriminals use advanced technology to hack the user’s data. Thus, cybercriminals easily can get into those files, whether by guessing security questions or bypassing passwords. But the bigger risk with cloud storage is privacy. Even if your data isn’t stolen or published, it can still be viewed.

Tons of requests have been sent to Google, Microsoft, and other business for user data each year by government agencies. A large percentage of the time, these companies hand over at least some kind of data, even if it’s not the content in full.

Cloud Storage Safety and Reliability

Cloud storage is a secure and reliable place, especially when used in tandem with another storage system, such as Google Drive. In the beginning, the biggest concern with cloud storage is lost data, not hacked data. But that issue is eliminated if the cloud is used more as a “sharing” platform instead of a “storage” platform. By taking shared files and storing them into something like Google Drive, you can ensure that if your data is lost, you can easily locate it through the other platform.

Additionally, you can also use a third-party storage platform such as It provides the best storage solution and can also create a backup for your lost data and can integrate with other platforms.

Cloud Security Controls

Cloud has large amount of security controls that offer the best security and secure your data at one place. These controls are put in place to safeguard any weakness in the system and reduce the effect an attack. While there are many types of controls behind a cloud security architecture, they can usually be found in one of the following categories.

  • Deterrent controls
  • Preventive controls
  • Detective controls
  • Corrective controls

How Cloud Protects My Data?

Enterprises use a variety of methods to ensure that their data is safe in the cloud. Take a look at some of these techniques:

Cloud data encryption

Encryption is the first line of defense for any cloud system when it comes to data security. Complex algorithms are used in encryption methods to keep cloud-protected data hidden. Would-be hackers would require the encryption key to decrypt encrypted files. Although encrypted data is not completely safe, decryption needs a significant amount of computing power, forensic software, and a significant amount of time.

AI tools and auto-patching

AI tools are best for ensuring the enterprise security posture of a company. Al can be used to analyze huge volumes of network and identify malicious activity with great speed and accuracy Additionally, Al can be used for understanding attack patterns, which drastically helps to prevent future attacks from happening.

Built-in firewalls

A firewall is a security tool and is responsible for stopping malicious traffic. In the context of the cloud, a cloud firewall is a firewall that is hosted in the cloud and provides a virtual barrier and protection around cloud-based assets.

Third-party security testing

While finalizing cloud providers ensure that they have in place third-party security companies to test and certify their servers and software. Outside monitoring decreases the chances of attack by hackers and cybercriminals. Third-party security testing also allows the cloud service providers to check possible vulnerabilities before any hackers get an opportunity to exploit them.


Hey guys! This was the guide about “Is cloud storage safe?” If you also have doubts about the cloud security, make sure to read this article. Cloud reliability completely depends on which cloud service you’re using. Every cloud service is not the same, as we said earlier. As a result, don’t anticipate security from every cloud service. We advise you to use only Google and Microsoft cloud services. However, few third-party cloud services work really well such as Hope you find this article helpful and informative. If you’ve any queries regarding this article, please let us know in the comment section. We would be glad to answer you!

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