What is Cloud Storage?

Storage is a place where you can store your things, data, and some secrets as well, but what about your privacy and security? Does every storage place provide security, I don’t think so, but a very good option that provides the perfect secure and private storage place and that is Cloud Storage.

Most of you “Our Readers,” might be well-known for cloud storage and already using It, but don’t worry this guide would definitely have great stuff for you as well.  Read on to learn what is cloud storage? how it works, and what cloud storage stores, and lot more things.

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What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is like the cloud that stores you in the air and no one can touch it.  Cloud storage is a storage space available to store data on remote servers which can be accessed from the cloud (or the internet). The data is managed, maintained, and backed up remotely, for which the user generally pays a monthly or per consumption rate.

Cloud storage makes it completely easy to store data and easy to access.  Cloud storage uses data centers with massive computer servers that store your data and make it available online to users via the web.  Users can remotely upload their content, store them and retrieve the data as and when needed. 

When you have cloud storage, you don’t need to purchase external servers, hard drives, and memory sticks to carry your data from one place to another.

How Does Cloud Storage Works

Cloud storage works on cloud and from your fingers.  Cloud storage stores all your information in data centers located anywhere in the world and maintained by a third-party. When your device in the Internet connection, you can easily access your data from the any corner of the World.

The server with which you connect forwards your data to a pool of servers located in one or more data centers depending on the size of the cloud provider’s operation.

Cloud storage uses servers to save data, however, the data is sent to servers off-site.  Most of the servers you use are virtual machines hosted on a physical server. As your storage needs increase, the provider created new virtual servers to meet demand.

Cloud storage available for free to some extent and to get more storage you need to pay. In actuality, Cloud storage saves you a lot of money because you wouldn’t have to spend as much money on more powerful servers as your organization grows. However, with cloud storage, you simply pay for the amount of space your data takes up in the cloud.

Cloud storage is available in private, public and hybrid clouds

Public storage clouds

 In this, you normally connect over the internet to a storage cloud that’s maintained by a cloud provider and used by other companies.

Private cloud storage

Private cloud storage setups typically replicates the cloud model, but they reside within your network, leveraging a physical server to create instanced virtual servers to increase capacity.

Hybrid cloud storage

Hybrid cloud storage combines elements of private and public clouds, giving organizations a choice of which data to store in which cloud.

What Cloud Storage Store?

You can store anything in cloud storage, and Cloud storage supports multiple file types of all sizes, so you can easily upload all your important content such as documents, videos, and music, movies, and more. Once you sign up with Cloud storage service and upload your data, you can sync with your Smartphone, tablet, and or other mobile devices for easy access while on the go.

Few Cloud Storage Features

Cloud storage has numberless features and all of them are best for use.  Let’s continue and read about few general features of cloud storage:

  • Synchronisation (File syncing)
  • Backup 
  • Share files
  • Retrieving files
  • 3rd party programs

Synchronisation (File syncing)

Whatever you save to your cloud data can be accessed from any device with the same cloud account and this is what is known as Synchronisation.  Whether it’s your videos, images, documents, or music-it can all be placed into the cloud.

Most of the hosting companies already have the implemented, because it just represents the very essence of cloud storage. Just upload your data at work and access it when you come home.


The second basic use of the Cloud is backing up. While cloud storage requires you to save your data online manually, the backup’s features enabled you something better. It allows your data to be seamlessly transferred to the cloud for safekeeping.

Backups help in unfavorable conditions like your hard drive breaks, or you lose your smartphone. Another way of using this is by downloading a backup application on your mobile, which are many times provided by cloud storage companies already.  Make sure to choose to store your photos in your backup folder, deleting the photos saved on the phone and that way creating unlimited storage.

Share files

Don’t need to use any third-party app for file sharing when you have a cloud.

You can add your folder into joined use, or you can create download links that you can then share with your friends. They just need to visit the link and can view and download the document you’ve shared with them.  This is an amazing way of storing with file sharing on the cloud.

In the last few years, it’s become such a widely spread way to store your data, in particular between the businesses. Not to mention the personal users that are counted in hundreds of millions, but we’ll get to that later

Retrieving files

Did you lose your files? Don’t worry; cloud can help you to recover that file easily.

If you’ve uploaded your file to cloud, and deleted it from your device storage, then you can recover the same file from the cloud. Most cloud services offer either by default or by installing various add-one is for you to retrieve the files you deleted. Some have a limit in which you can recover the data while the other stores them immediately. Try to find it in the “trash” or “deleted files” folder. If you can’t find it, that means it’s probably not available on your current plan.

3rd party programs

Box is an example of this. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and other third-party apps are all incorporated within the programme. It’s one parameter that you should look at when deciding on what cloud storage to use. Not many cloud services have 3rd party applications integrated.


Hey guys! This was the guide about “What is cloud storage.” Actually, this is a very basic question but it has a comprehensive meaning. In this article, you will learn this meaning.  Cloud has a different meaning for different purposes and its uses make it best and advance.

We hope you find this article helpful and informative. If you’ve any queries regarding this article, please let us know in the comment section.  We would be glad to answer you!

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