How to Know If Ransomware Is On Your Computer

How to Know If Ransomware Is On Your Computer

If you’re not well aware of ransomware but you’re noticing some weird and suspicious activity on your pc, then you need to consider it seriously. In this article, we will discuss how to know if ransomware is on your computer?

Whether you’re unaware of ransomware, but we would have discussed signs using very easy terms so that you can understand and identify each and every sings wisely. And make sure once you confirmed that your pc really having ransomware, don’t forget to take corrective measures.

Note: Do not hurry; otherwise you will surely lose your data.

Warning Signs of Ransomware

Ransomware is a complete process that needs to follow and every hacker follows this process. Whether things are right or wrong, but sometimes they also need effort. So, ransomware is just like that. Hackers works on ransomware projects for days, weeks, and sometimes months as well, so this is like the ransomware prepared. 

As ransomware consist of few actions and each action comes with a sign and that is the same sign that will help you to identify if ransomware is on your computer. These are the warning signs that alert you that hackers are in your network and planning to launch a ransomware attack or you’ve been affected by ransomware. So, if you can spot these signs and detect an attack in its early stages, you can surely regain access, control and prevent real damages. 

Follow these five warning signs of a ransomware attack.

  1. Phishing/Suspicious Emails and Attachments
  2. MimiKatz
  3. Software Removal Program
  4. Multiple File Renames
  5. Notification or Messages-Demanding Money to Regain Access to Your PC

Phishing/Suspicious Emails and Attachments

In most of our articles, we’ve discussed phishing emails, links, and attachments too. And we always tell you that phishing is one of the most common ways used by hackers to attack. Hackers will send you emails or suspicious emails from the unknown sender pretending to be from a legitimate source. Phishing emails mostly come with malicious links and attachments.

Once the user clicks on the link and download the attachment, it gives hackers a toe-hold in the network and they’ll start moving laterally.

Note: Phishing scams have some common points and if proper education is spread among employees, they can avoid the phishing scams.


The MiniKatz is also the very common method or tool used by hackers to attack.  MimiKatz is an open-source information collecting tool that hackers use to steal a victim’s usernames and passwords. It’s often used in conjunction with Microsoft Process Explorer.

It is also having seen that some hackers use more subtle approaches to steal the login information that is harder to identify than MimiKatz.

Note: Using MimiKatz, penetration testing (also known as ethical hacking) can ensure that attackers are unable to obtain access to your systems.

 Multiple File Renames

It’s also a very common sign that ransomware hackers usually do when they infect your pc. These signs would help you to know if ransomware is on your computer or not. This a common activity that ransomware hackers do; they change the file name because it encrypts the files, therefore, it has to change the file name after executing it.

Additionally, you can see the changed file name but you cannot access them. It may show you that file has been locked out due to security reasons. If you notice anything like this, act quickly.

Software Removal Program

If you’ve already installed security software like antivirus protection, then you would notice this sign easily. Once the hackers gain administrative privileges, then they will try to remove or disable the security software on your system. Because, if the tools will be there on the system, the antivirus protection will alert you for the attack and this is not that ransomware want.

However, it’s necessary to note that software removal programs are later warning signs of ransomware; they often indicate that hackers have gained access as same to the admin. We recommend you if you detect software removal, take action quickly to prevent ransomware.

Notification-Demanding Money to Regain Access to Your PC

This is the very last sign that indicates your pc has been infected with ransomware and you need to pay a ransom amount (in terms of bitcoin) to regain access to your pc. This is not the sign only; it’s the warning that if you do not pay the ransom, you will lose all your data. This is the sign you will get only, once your pc gets infected with ransomware

At this stage, hackers have full control over your pc and you cannot take any measure besides paying the ransom. . However, it is not guaranty after paying the ransom you would definitely get your data back.

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Due to a lack of proper knowledge and the inability to spot these signs, ransomware cases are increasing day by day. And there is yet no software available the can remove the ransomware.

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Hey guys! This was the guide about “how to know if ransomware is on your computer.” Here, we’ve discussed 5 warning signs that help you to know that ransomware is really on your computer or not.

Hope you find this article helpful and informative. Please let us know your feedback about these signs whether these signs helped you or not. We would be glad to know.

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