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Free file sharing isn’t a complicated task and there are various ways through which you can proceed.  In this article, we will discuss a few ways and tools for free file sharing.  Make sure free file sharing isn’t always free, it has a limit, and to use file-sharing beyond the free limit, you need to pay. Every tool has a different pay scale depending on the GB you required.

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10 Tools for Free File Sharing

Find out the list of best free file sharing tools that you can use to share your large files for free.  Remember that the most free version puts a limit on storage space (mostly from 2GB to 15GB for the options here), so if you wish to store a lot of files or use them with a lot of people, you need to pay.

1. Capebera

Capebera isn’t a file-sharing website actually, it’s more than that.  Let me tell you how, Capebera is a free unlimited storage platform, where you can drag and drop your files easily in the cloud and can access them from anywhere.  Additionally, you can share those files with password encryption. So that no one, except whom you tell the password, can access your files. File sharing via the link will be encrypted with a password, and when a user tries to open the download, the user has to enter the password to access the files.


Moreover, with the help of shared links, users can download the files, edit them on their own.  You can schedule the timing for the expiration of the link.  Let me tell you, these all features are available for free, which means a completely free package. Compare to other services, you won’t get these all features and services in one tool for free.

Note: Capbera app available for android users now.


2. Google Drive

Google Drive comes first on the list because of its 15 storage limit.  For every Google account whether Google Drive, or Google Photos, you will get 15 GB of storage for free file sharing. In this, you can share, store, and download every type of data for free.

Google Drive

It’s completely easy to share your files on Google Drive. You can share your files, photos, and lot more items via links and download them first, and then share using other media like WhatsApp,

3. Wimi Drive

Wimi, developed in Paris and San Francisco, is a project management and online collaboration application. Wimi Drive feature allows management, access of rights, online and offline editing, and cloud synchronization. You get 10GB of free storage space for up to two users and eight projects.

Wimi Drive

If you need additional storage, you can go for paid plans. Wimi Drive paid plans starts at $5/user/month and include 250 GB of storage, unlimited projects, and phone support.

4. OneDrive

OneDrive is Microsoft’s free cloud storage service.  OneDrive’s free plan gives you 5GB of free storage space, so you’ll have to a be little more conservative than you would be with Google’s roomy 15GB. Still, OneDrive is great for the point of security, ease of use, and quick file sharing.  Collaboration and online editing work through the Share feature in Office documents.


Additionally, Office 365 subscribers get 1TB of storage included with their subscription. Because OneDrive is woven so tightly into the Microsoft Office suits, it’s probably not the best fit for Ma users (unless you’re using Office for Mac already.)

Users can download entire folders up to 4 GB in size as a ZIP file from OneDrive. You may also embed Microsoft Office documents like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint into web pages and allow users to interact with them. OneDrive Paid plans to start at $1.99/month for 50 GB of space

5. Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs is giving it services since more than 10 years in India.  Zoho projects is one of the Top 20 most popular project management software option.  With Zoho docs, you can share file for free up to 5GB with teams of up to 25 people.  Collaboration tools are built right in through native chat, group sharing, tasks, and notifications. Zoho docs user interface is reminds you of Google Drive.

Zoho Docs

Zoho paid plans starts at $5/user/month and give you 100 GB/user, larger upload limits, advanced analytics, and more. One of the best thing what we like about Zoho is you can send a large files directly into your Zoho cloud storage as an attached file. Zoho mobile app may not be good enough when compare to Google Drive and Dropbox apps.

6. WeTransfer

WeTransfer is also popular among File Sharing Websites. It helps you to send large files in few minutes all over the world.  Just visit the site, select files you wish to share, and enter the email of the person you want to send the files to. It’s quite simple-No sign-up required.


WeTransfer free version offers 2GB of file sharing without any storage.  But, its paid plan has excellent features that completely equal to the price.  You can send and receive up to 20GB of files with password protection and storage benefits.  WeTransfer price starts at $12/month.

Note: WeTransfer free version is ad-supported.

7. Filemail

Filemail free account allows you to send up to 5GB of large files. You can directly send the files or files via the link. Its free version is the same as the above options. But its paid version is quite good.  It’s paid version not so expensive, starting at $5/per month- less expensive compare to other options.  With Filemail paid version, you can send your files up to 25GB with a tracking facility with password protection. Additionally, you will get a 1 TB storage capacity.

Filemail free account

The pro plan offers an unlimited maximum size and keeps the file available for 30 days. A business plan is available, which includes the ability to integrate filemail on your server and offers https support.

8. SendTrasnfer

SendTrasnfer allows you to send large files up to 10GB for free.  Like other options, it also doesn’t require a sign-up process, just add the file and enter the mail of the person you want to send the email and send. With this tool, you can upload multiple files at a time to be transferred. The file link you send will automatically expire after 7 days.


9. Zip share

Zip share is also easy to use tool for sending large files. With Zip Share, you can add files from your computer or from a cloud such as Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. You can share large files up to 500MB with the free account. However, for sending files, you don’t need to create your account. But if you want to see your history of tasks you performed or files you sent, make to create your account. Only then you’ll be able to see this.

Zip share

What I personally like about Zip Share is you can share files from your computer, cloud storage, and you can share files on social media account like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email.

Premium members can send password-protected files. Users with a pro account can send up to 5GB per file with no expiration date.  So, to access these benefits you will be charged.   Zip Share pro plan starts @ $9.95/ per month.

10. MailBigFile

MailBigFile allows you to send up to 2GB for free and keeps the content available for 10 days. Each file is limited to 20 downloads. You can transfer files up to 4GB in size with the pro version. File tracking, personalized branding, and password protection are all accessible with MailBigFile’s business plans.



Hey guys! This was the guide about “free file sharing.”  Find out the 10 tools for free file sharing. These tools are available for free and paid version both, it depends on you which one you choose.  However, it also depends on your requirements.  Be sure about your needs and choose wisely, because at this time even a penny is important if you don’t need it then the free version is enough for you.

Let us know in the comment section which tool you would like to prefer to use for free file sharing.

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